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Sirix Desktop

To improve your performance and have even more options available to you, we highly recommend that you will download Sirix Station.  It is located at the left-hand side of your Home screen.

We’ve added more features to make your desktop trading as easy as possible.  Our new features will help you trade fully right from the charts.  Using the “eye” icon, located at the bottom left of the screen, you will be to see instantly a visual display of your positions and pending orders.  Hover on to a position to see the rate at which position was opened and the trigger rate for the pending order.  To make edits, all you have to do is to double-click a position.  Closing a position and canceling a pending order takes only a click.

The “eye” icon also allows you to remove positions from the chart.  For your convenience only positions opened directly from the chart, will be displayed on it.

To simplify the creation of pending orders, right click the chart and you are able to open the pending order at the rate you were standing on.

With Sirix Station, you have complete control of how you use the chart.  Get rate updates, open, edit and close positions, and track your performance – all from the chart.  If you would like to set the chart to the full screen – just double click the chart header twice.

For all the technical questions about downloading Sirix Station, you can always contact our support team.

We wish you good luck and enjoyable trading experience. 

To download the Sirix station please contact your account manager