Mobile Trading

Mobile Trading

As smart phones and mobile internet continue to grow in popularity and accessibility, there is plenty of demand for mobile integration – banks, services, bill payments and shopping online being only a few examples. It is no different when it comes to trading Forex – Mobile-based trading platforms exist to make sure that traders can place trades from anywhere and at any given time. Being able to open and close trades, perform analysis, use trading tools and the many other great features of trading platforms from any location and at any hour has plenty of advantages to traders everywhere.

Never miss an opportunity!

Picture this – you’re in a restaurant eating dinner, or in the airport, drinking coffee and reading the paper before your flight is called – and you stumble upon a news article or report that you’re positive will impact the USD. There’s no need to run around the establishment seeking a computer to use, or feel the need to carry your laptop around with you at all times. Simply open your favorite trading platform using your cell phone, and place the trade!

After logging in to the mobile application, you will reach Home screen, which constantly updates with the Bid and Ask prices for the five of the most popular pairs.

Clicking on the navigation bar helps you to get quick and easy access to everything you need.

On the rates page you can search for Bid and Ask prices on more than a thousand instruments.  You will also get access to the advanced charting systems, which build candles in real time for the most accurate rate information.  You can even open or close positions directly from the charts.

Our Order Screen is design for high-speed execution with intuitive layout.  It is easy to buy, sell, create stop-loss and take-profit points and set-up pending orders.

Social trading is available from mobile application. You will be able to see latest trading decisions of thousands of other traders.

Our mobile application lets you have an instant access to your account details, including your balance, equity, margin requirements, Open P/L, and any available credit.

And you will never miss on important news, since you can always check news and calendar sections for a list of scheduled events, which are likely to impact the market.

Good luck and hopefully you will be successful, whether trading on the go, or in the comfort of your own home!